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Dolce Amar is About …

"Loving what I do" is Raffaella's response to Life is..... 

Love is a big part of Raffaella's work because everything is driven by her uncompromising passion to offer high quality cakes and baked goods, all from scratch.

Raffaella comes from the island of Sicily, Italy. She is a self taught cake designer and baker who is passionate about creating cakes and sugar figurines. 

She lived in Sicily all my life. Every celebration was an opportunity for her family to create and bake together. One of her fondest baking memories are of the afternoons and holidays spent in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother mixing, kneading and whipping the egg whites with just a fork.

Raffaella bakes from scratch. She learned to bake from her Sicilian grandmother who taught her to choose healthy and genuine ingredients for her baking. The recipes she uses have been handed down from her grandmother to her own mother and they are full of tradition and love.

Raffaella's passion for art moves her soul, and she instill this passion in her baking. Every cake, every taste, every presentation is the result of her meticulous attention to detail. 

Raffaella is so appreciative to her clients and she thanks them for giving her the opportunity to create special cakes and memories. 

A masterpiece is on its way....




Your Celebration Is My Experience . . .

I understand that your celebration is unique and very special; therefore, I believe that a personal touch and exquisite taste are necessary for an elegant and successful experience.

My emphasis is on making high-quality cakes from scratch and the decorations I choose are artfully designed to match your unique style. 

Whether you need a cake or a dessert tray for a small gathering or a dessert table for a large event, I will provide you with a number of delicious options to make your occasion a memorable one.